Claudia is a world-leading authority on subconscious communication,
persuasion and influence. She has assisted corporations and audiences
around the world in solving difficult communications problems by guiding
them on what has been described as an engaging, fast-paced and
fascinating journey inside the subconscious mind.

One of Claudia's key objectives is to help individuals understand how the
subconscious mind works when it comes to motivation, persuasion, and
influence, and how to get better results by leveraging strategic
communication in a range of business contexts.  She is passionate about
creating and implementing practical business tools that are easy to learn
and apply, which have been described by his clients as producing
extraordinary and sustainable positive results.

Claudia has been avidly studying the science of peak performance and the
subconscious mind for more than two decades. She has applied her
knowledge in training others to influence behaviors and trigger motivation
by better understanding the science of subconscious persuasion and
influence. Employing the empowering modalities of neuroscience, hypnosis
and the latest in behavioural psychology, Claudia possesses the rare ability
to take complex concepts and present them in ways that are easy to
understand and apply.  

Claudia's consulting experience is an integration of entrepreneurial
ventures and senior corporate roles within North America. As lead project
manager, Claudia has been a major supplier of Y2K Remediation and
Business Contingency planning services for the mutual fund industry and
private corporations in Toronto. At present, she is Director of Rainmaker
Strategies Group and Technology Mentors Inc. She also presently teaches
two business courses at the University of Toronto.

As a uniquely qualified communicator, Claudia brings a contagious
enthusiasm and a powerful presence to the professional speaking circuit.
Claudia's consulting approach is to translate complex concepts into down-
to-earth terms that everyone can relate to and understand. Her business
consulting practice includes assisting organizations with strategic planning,
operational reviews and human resource development, as well as designing
new processes and methodologies. She has worked with all levels of
organizations including CEOs, directors, executive/middle management, as
well as front-line personnel.

Having received formal training in Adult Learning Principles and
Organizational Psychology from York University, as well as Project
Management certification, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Open Space
Technology Facilitation, Claudia has had direct hands-on entrepreneurial
and management experience in creating cross-functional teams though
various small business and corporate roles.

Claudia is certified in a variety of leading edge tools that assess personnel
in the areas of communication, leadership and management, and address
issues such as how to:

  • Perform Job Benchmarking and Talent Matching / Profiling
  • Identify attributes required for superior performance
  • Recognize internal and external motivators needed for each individual
  • Classify behavioral traits necessary for success in each particular
  • Pinpoint the best environment for personnel based on their profile
  • Identify, prioritize and calibrate high performance criteria for a position

Claudia has provided project management as well as consulting services by
facilitating personal and professional development training programs and
materials for corporations such as Cominco, Kodak Canada, Motorola, Price
Waterhouse, Bell Canada and Rogers AT&T, Moneris Solutions (Bank of
Montreal/Royal Bank joint venture). Other clients include many not-for-
profit organizations throughout Canada including Community Living
Associations, Canadian Mental Health Association, Big Sisters, Christian
Horizons, CCAC, Alternatives and others.

Some of Claudia's previous projects include taking on the role of Acting
Vice President, Information Technology, for Money Concepts Inc.,
successfully developing teams and managing several projects involving
business process re-engineering, project lead for Y2K Remediation and
Contingency planning, the launch of an e-business system utilized by 100
Franchises across Canada, and re-organization of the IT department. She
played a key role in facilitating communications with all levels of
management, vendors and suppliers.

Claudia's project management, team-building and leadership training is in
high demand nationally, as it brings together over a decade of experience
in innovative program design, with experiential components proven to
create sustainable change and success.

Certifications and Affiliations

  • Organizational Development / Psychology Best Practices
  • Certified in Project Management
  • Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst
  • Certified Professional Values Analyst
  • Certified Attribute Index Analyst
  • Certified Trimetrix Analyst
  • Open Space Technology Facilitator
  • Certified Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Psychology
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line™ Therapy
  • Certified in Quantum Time Line Clearing™
  • Certified Hypnotherapist

You can reach Claudia through email at

Our Executive Coaches
Our team of committed Executive Coaches draw upon years of experience
in helping you to create a life of true abundance and fulfillment. They assist
our clients through seminars, workshops and personal coaching. Our
success with clients across the nation speaks to the value and relevance of
our work.

Executive Coaches utilize a variety of technologies and modalities that they
are certified in, to assist clients. These include NeuroLinguistic
Programming, TimeLine™ Therapy, Quantum TimeLine Clearing, Open
Space Technology, meditation, guided visualization, hypnotherapy and
dialogue. All Executive Coaches are trained in and adhere to the 7
Rainmaker Principles for personal transformation.

Mission Statement
Rainmaker Strategies Group's mission statement is to be an ongoing
resource for learning and empowerment to individuals and organizations.
What sets us apart is our commitment to generating high quality
programs that work. We truly believe in our programs, and continuously
strive to expand our extensive research and methodology.

Using latest cutting-edge modalities, our seasoned team of expert
speakers, writers and program developers continually assesses current
research data to develop and enhance material that enables accelerated
success in both the corporate and personal world.

Rainmaker Strategies Group brings together decades of expertise as we
pursue our purpose with Passion, Integrity and Trust: We empower our
clients to achieve success through integrative seminars, workshops,
executive one-on-one coaching, and online assessments. Our series of
fun, dynamic, life-enhancing programs utilizes the most powerful
technologies for unleashing human potential.

Our innovative presentations are information-packed and attendees walk
away with profound new insights and motivation on how to pursue and
achieve target goals. We are confident that we have the knowledge and
expertise to provide your organization with practical, powerful and
memorable programs.

We are located in the greater Toronto area. We offer our
workshops and consulting services throughout North America.

You can reach us by calling our office at 416.410.1614.

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About the Founder

Claudia Ferryman
Business Consultant &
Corporate Trainer
Claudia is a business consultant,
facilitator and corporate trainer with
more than 20 years experience in
business, training and technology
Her consulting practice includes
business strategic consulting,
operational reviews, executive
development and coaching,
leadership training, staff
development & team-building
workshops, and assessments &
In her management roles with
several multi-national corporations,
she has spearheaded numerous
projects to successful completion.